The Key to Preventing Bullying

Posted by Maria Manautou on October 1, 2018

Bullying has negative impacts on both the perpetrator and the victims. Parent and educator involvement in the early years can do a lot to prevent bullying behavior which can escalate in the first years of elementary school.

Brightside Academy has often discussed anti-bullying initiatives with our parents during parent-teacher conferences and other family events. Research has found that parent meetings, training, and parent-teacher conferences were associated with reductions in bullying especially when problems were tackled while children were still in preschool. 

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“Kids whose parents monitor their behavior and have consistent rules are more likely to have healthy and close relationships with their peers, be more engaged in school, have higher self-esteem, and are less likely to bully others” ( – CDC’s Essentials for Parenting Toddlers and Preschoolers: Using Positive Parenting to Promote Safe, Stable, and Nurturing Relationships).

Teachers who spend a lot of time with kids on a daily basis can often tell when an issue is minor or is becoming more of a problem. They can notify parents early of signs that their child was showing aggression or unfriendly behavior toward others. Parents can then seek professional help and other resources to work with their child on improving their behavior. Many available parent therapies teach age-appropriate ways to model behavior and establishing consequences to encourage good behavior for their children at home.

In the classroom, teachers can do their part by working with children to help them identify the feelings which may cause aggressive behavior and how to manage their emotions in healthy ways. In preschool, aids such as emotion charts, red-light-yellow-light green-light strategies, and discussions on appropriate reactions to our emotions help children build self-regulation and self-control early on.

When parents and educators work together to address behavioral red flags while children are still in preschool, they can achieve improved behavior outcomes which reduce the risk of long-term, more serious ramifications of bullying in later school years.

After school programs are critical for working parents. Many Brightside Academy families have inconsistent work hours and rely on our after-school program to maintain their work schedule. Parents without after-school care may experience stress, distraction, and lower work productivity.

According to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Juvenile Delinquency Prevention, 80% of parents agree that their children develop stronger social skills while attending an after-school program. Studies show that there continues to be an unmet demand for after-school programs.

Brightside Academy is committed to solving the problem by providing after-school programs at most of our academies. Additionally, some of our locations provide transportation from local schools to the academy. Approximately 28.9% of parents surveyed stated that their child developed stronger social skills as a result of Brightside Academy’s after school programs and 28.2% felt like our programs had a positive impact on their child’s behavior.

Our goal is to provide a safe and enriching environment for children while also providing parents with reliable care during working hours. Not only do after school programs make a substantial impact on the well-being of children and parents, but they also save tax dollars. Every $1 spent in an after-school program saves $9 because these programs have proven to reduce crime and welfare costs. They also improve children’s performance in school, thereby increasing their earning potential as an adult.

Brightside Academy’s after school programs give children the opportunity to socialize with children from other schools. In some instances, the school districts have multiple elementary schools that combine once the children enter middle school. Children in our after-school program are already acquainted with their peers, making the transition to middle school easier.

The after school children also receive homework assistance and one on-one time with a teacher. These children have the opportunity to complete their school work and continue learning after the school bell rings. Brightside Academy’s after-school program also includes projects to empower creative thinking and hands-on learning.

After school programs offer learning opportunities and activities for children to advance their educational and extracurricular experiences. These programs support working parents and give them peace of mind while at work. Brightside Academy is proud to provide enriching after-school programs to prepare children for academic and personal success.